Why corporations use plain english

Start thinking differently about how you communicate with your clients.

SEC makes clear its plan for writing plain English

Have you seen examples of English where too much jargon has been used? Expect Plain English comments from the staff. To help them do this, train companies have been ordered to explain the claims process to customers using plain English.

The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use

I do not think we should change the process we now follow in any way. Technically, Rule d — the Plain English rule does not apply; Rule b — the clear, concise and understandable prospectus rule — does apply, however.

Risks of using legalese? Lastly, write like you talk. Maybe they wanted to encourage experimentation without the pressure of a rule to force issuers to put Management Discussion and Analysis or the Notes to the Financial Statements in Plain English. What about the old "Put everything in three times rule"?

Theoretically, Rule b permits long sentences in the passive voice using non-everyday language as long as it is concise. How do I learn to write in Plain English if I have never done it before?

First, I look for sample prospectuses from comparable companies and read them. For example, I would have liked to have had more information about the 19th century case Santa Clara v.

Use plain English, please

More samples will become available as time passes. While writing the prospectus sections, I would be mindful of the Plain English rules. There are no restrictions on its length. If you cannot adequately summarize the language from an exhibit, such as a trust indenture, in the prospectus then simply include that language in the prospectus.

I incorporate by reference, the review by Eric Hanson, whose opinion of this book I adopt as the more succinct expression of what follows here.

Why YOU need to use Plain English

Not to mention the fact that if a contract is not drafted in plain language, that a court could redraft it for you or simply not take a specific clause into account. This problem can be fixed by filing a Form 8-K containing the Plain English version of the risk factors and then incorporating those risk factors into the prospectus.

Present information in clear concise sections, paragraphs and sentences.Keep calm, and say it plainly. What is plain English, and why should you use it?

Simply put, plain language is language that’s easy for the reader to understand. to repost the article on your Department’s blog as long as you state that the article was originally published on the OxfordWords blog and include a link back to our site.

Investors expect, need, and deserve plain English. The SEC expects plain English. Using plain English makes an issuer look better, and coincidentally improves documents.

Using plain English saves money. Investors expect, need, and deserve plain English. The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use "Plain English" to Rob You Blind covers the sneaky ways companies take advanta - Diplomat-turned historian George Kennan The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use "Plain English" to Rob You Blind covers the sneaky ways companies take advantage of regulations and laws to enrich themselves at the /5.

Plain English is free of jargon, “legalese” and using complicated words for the sake of it. There is even a UK organisation, Plain English, that helps companies and organisations edit and rewrite their documents so that they are expressed in simple, plain English.

In our fast-paced business world, knowing how to use plain English is a vital skill. People want and need to be able to understand and act on information quickly rather than wade through unnecessary words, unfamiliar jargon and sentences more tricky than a.

If corporations use plain English to file their documents, it will be easier for investors to know more about their investments and the corporations they are investing in.

Moreover, investors will be more likely to catch the important information necessary to make informed decisions of whether they should hold or sell their shares.

Why corporations use plain english
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