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The proportion of immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa also increased. Multicultural Australia While the creation of legislative equality for all migrants was a defining moment in the Australian migration story, there was still a way to go to make such equality a reality. He argued that "the evidence is clear that many multicultural societies have failed and that the human cost of the failure has been high" and warned that "we should think very carefully about the perils of converting Australia into a giant multicultural laboratory for the assumed benefit of the peoples of the world.

Over the next 20 years, 40, Chinese men and over 9, women mostly Cantonese immigrated to the goldfields seeking prosperity. The result of this legislation was that 7, Pacific Islanders called "Kanakas" working mostly on plantations in Queensland were deported, and entry into Australia by Pacific Islanders was prohibited after However Hughes was forced to resign in after his book Australia and the War Today exposed a lack of preparation in Australia for what Hughes correctly supposed to be a coming war.

It threatens social cohesion. Between and40 per cent of all migrants coming into this country were of Asian origin. Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain explained in Immigration policy prior to Federation[ edit ] Gold Rush Era[ edit ] The discovery of gold in Australia in led to an influx of immigrants from all around the world.

The draft proposal contained a pamphlet introducing Australian historyCulture and Democracy. I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. It is their inexhaustible energy, their power of applying themselves to new tasks, their endurance and low standard of living that make them such competitors.

During this time, thousands of " Kanakas " Pacific Islanders were brought into Australia as indentured workers. It proposed eliminating the White Australia policy, and was influential towards this end.

The White Australia is yours. Consequently, the White Australia policy ensured that Christianity remained the religion of the overwhelming majority of Australians. British migrants were sought, but government policy in the UK discouraged the emigration of people Britain needed to rebuild its cities and infrastructure.

I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. Holt government effectively dismantles White Australia policy The Migration Act established legal equality between British, European and non-European migrants to Australia.

End of the White Australia policy

But there is obligation Successive governments have sustained a large programmes of multiethnic immigration from all continents. Anybody who is not proud of his race is not a man at all. These changes to immigration policy were some of the most significant steps towards the formation of multicultural Australia.

The Colonial Secretary in Britain had however made it clear that a race-based immigration policy would run "contrary to the general conceptions of equality which have ever been the guiding principle of British rule throughout the Empire".

The Australian census does not classify people according to race, only ethnic ancestry. Spokesman for the Labor Party demanded that it be continued: The legislation found strong support in the new Australian Parliamentwith arguments ranging from economic protection to outright racism.

You may do with it what you please, but at any rate, the soldiers have achieved the victory and my colleagues and I have brought that great principle back to you from the conference, as safe as it was on the day when it was first adopted. Only those who favor the exploitation of a servile coloured race for greed of gain, and a few professional economists and benighted theologians, are now heard in serious criticism of a White Australia; but It goes without saying that we do not like to talk about it, but it is so.

Migrants would also be required to demonstrate an adequate level of understanding of the English language. Instead, the Natal Act of was introduced, restricting "undesirable persons" rather than any specific race.

I think those ideals might well be stated as being to secure our national safety, and to ensure the maintenance of our White Australia Policy to continue as an integral portion of the British Empire.Year 10 History Research Essay- The White Australia Policy- Racist or a cautious legislation?

The ‘White Australia Policy’ was the product of all the fear that the white parliament officials held against anyone with non-European background.

The White Australia Policy restricted non-white immigration and promoted white, European immigration. It was carried out through two main policies, the Immigration restriction act which only allowed non whites in after they had passed a dictation test in a european language of the officers choice.

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White Australia policy

The term White Australia policy comprises various historical policies that effectively barred people of non-European descent from immigrating to Australia. There was never any specific policy titled as such. The White Australia Policy was an immigration policy perused in Australia between and the late 's to exclude non-European migrants.

In the 's large numbers of gold seekers came from South China, and their presence led to anti Chinese riots/5(7). End of the White Australia policy videos.

Further reading. NSW Department of Education & Communities’ online teaching resource: Racism No Way; The “White Australia” Policy. Transforming a 'White Australia': Issues of Racism and Immigration, Laksiri Jayasuriya, SSS Publications, New Delhi,

White australia policy essay
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