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Fluoride is able to reduce the amount of acid produced in the mouth, and also it is able to repair damaged tooth before it becomes permanent. Communities with fluoridated drinking water in the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand show striking reductions in tooth decay-those with fluoridated drinking systems have less percent tooth decay.

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Again, the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence indicates otherwise. The World Health Organization WHO views water fluoridation as the most economical, the safest and the most effective way of controlling and preventing tooth decay.

Fluoridated water has fluoride at a level that is effective for preventing cavities, this can occur naturally or by adding fluoride. In order to eliminate any of the plagiarism issues, it is highly recommended that you do not use it for you own writing purposes.

Hodge, one of the original supporters of fluoridation, set the first standard of a safe fluoride dosage at 0 to 80 milligrams a day. Ingested fluoride essentially travels three metabolic pathways. The National Research council NRC did a review inwhich indicated that there was no tangible evidence to hold those claims.

But did address specifically the current maximum level of natural fluoride EPA allows in drinking water and concluded unanimously that fluoride at that concentration harms teeth and bones.

Dental cavities remain a major public health concern in most industrialized countries, affecting a bigger percentage of schoolchildren and the vast majority of adults.

Researchers have shown that there are several ways through which fluoride achieves its decay-preventive effects.

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On the contrary, there is mounting evidence that continued exposure of individuals to low Water fluoridation essay example of fluoride, as in optimally fluoridated drinking water, results in a decrease in osteoporosis and a decrease in concurrent susceptibility to vertebral fracture.

In this study, years old children in the water fluoridation area had ingested fluoridated water from birth to about 4 years old, at which point water fluoridation ceased. Public Health Reports, 5pp. It is known that permanent teeth take longer to erupt in children who drink fluoridated water.

Furthermore, the leading supporters of fluoridation do not appear to be interested in the real issues of fluoridation themselves but rather in fulfilling their personal, political, economic, or social agenda for which fluoridation is the vehicle.

Risks Related to Water Fluoridation Some debates have been conducted on whether fluoridation of water may increase the risks of being affected by other health problems like osteoporosis, cancer, and Down syndrome.

Bottled water typically has unknown fluoride levels, and some domestic water filters remove some or all fluoride. Mottled enamel or dental fluorosis has been claimed to be an indication of the "toxic effects of fluoridation" by those opposed to fluoridation.

Studies comparing decay rates in fluoridated and nonfluoridated communities usually assess the mean number of decayed, missing, and filled surfaces in permanent teeth of year-old children.

National Cancer Institute revealed no link between exposure of any populations to fluoridation and the incidence of many different types of cancer occurring in a year period. Over-the-counter fluoride dental products such as toothpastes and mouth rinses are effective in preventing decay. Once teeth have formed, fluorosis can no longer occur.

Normally it is made by adding one of three compounds to the water: According to CDC, water fluoridation is one of the great public health achievements of the last century.

Fluoridated water appears to be harmful to the environment. With the enactment of Assembly Bill in California, ten states and territories in the United States now mandate fluoridation through legislation.The Fluoridation Of Water Essay add:/ Views: Fluoridation of water is the controlled addition of fluoride to a public water supply to reduce tooth decay.

Buy Cheap Community Water Fluoridation Essay Fluoride is a chemical element that occurs naturally and is found in rocks, plants, and almost in all fresh waters though at negligible levels.

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When fluoride percentages in water are at acceptable levels, tooth decay is reduced, hence this improves oral health.

Community Water Fluoridation.

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Health economists at the workshop on cost-effectiveness of caries prevention calculated that the average annual cost of water fluoridation in the United States was $ per person (range: $–$) (Burt, ).

In dollars, this cost would be $ per person (range: $–$). Water Fluoridation Essay The politics of water fluoridation Oct 22 →areas where older ppl had mottled teeth and the young did not, →fluoride cause of the mottling and the change in the caries prevalence →caries decline with increasing fluoride level up to 1 part per million, more than 1ppm fluoride leads to.

The most cited benefit of fluoridated water is the reduction of cavities, or caries. It is reported that fluoridated water can cause a 60% reduction in caries (Newbrun, ). Caries are holes in the teeth or areas of deterioration. Fluoride essays"It started as an observation, that soon took the shape of an idea.

It ended, five decades later, as a scientific revolution that shot dentistry into the forefront of preventive medicine. This is the story of how dental science discovered -and ultimately proved to the world- that fluo.

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