Thesis header image map

Check out the article on SEO Basics for useful tips on making your website search engine friendly. You can add relevant keywords and description of the website in the tagline to make your website search-relevant. Okay, we have a banner image, where does it go on my server?

When working with WordPress and Thesis framework it is fairly simple to customize the header with a custom logo. The most frequently-asked question new users of the Thesis theme for WordPress ask is surely this: Two of those three lines use CSS to remove preexisting text content.

The header title shows the title of the website and is enclosed within the paragraph tag. Searching with target terms in Google or the DIYThemes site and member forums will solve any assumptions we make that you have not yet overcome.

Now we know our pixel width. The second line of the code makes the logo click-able. You can check your file size by right-clicking a saved image on your Thesis header image map and viewing its properties.

This tutorial shows you an easy way around to maintain the killer edge. Thesis utilizes the power of tagline to boost the SEO of your website. The JPG or the PNG format are thus recommended for most Thesis users, as the majority of custom image banners include a colorful, energetic photograph or logo of some kind.

A GIF offers the potential Thesis header image map transparency and very small file sizes for low-complexity rendering… but a GIF also only supports colors. How big pixel dimensions should your custom header image be?

Sorry — no tricks and tips for you. Paste the following code in the code-editor and save the changes made to the file. Instead of uploading the header-image directly from the admin area, upload the image through FTP client to keep the SEO intact. We heard you loud and clear.

If that was nonsense, click here to see what we mean. But have you ever given it a thought that adding a header image can affect the SEO of your website. As per various requests, we will assume little and explain much in this tutorial. For Windows users, Alt-PrintScreen will take a snapshot of the active window.

You can then paste this into an image program and determine the pixel width of your header. A relative path, as the name implies, defines the image location in terms of its relationship relative to the file calling for the image.

We omitted the obscenities — mules have sensitive ears.

How to Add Your Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header – CSS Version

If your custom banner image is over 1mb, you may want to reconsider the file type, or use any of the numerous and free instant optimization services for images online here is a simple image optimizerhere is one with richer but more complex features. If you just want the code to plug into custom.

Header image map

Because Thesis permits extreme flexibility, the concept of a banner image can become complicated quickly. Want your name in grayscale?

Thesis Tutorial — Clickable Thesis Header Image Without Affecting SEO

Follow the steps given below to customize the Thesis header without affecting the SEO of your website. You have, if necessary, enabled file permissions such that you can create and save posts, images, and files. To keep this free and low-tech, a minimalist solution would be to crop the image carefully, then save it from any graphical software as a GIF or JPG — either is fine for this quick purpose.

However, creating, publishing, and styling a single-file banner image — without concerns for link destination or additional information on or around the banner — is as friendly and simple as a bucket calf. The built-in Thesis feature of uploading the header image affects the SEO of the site.

Thesis framework by default provides a header title and tagline primarily designed to boost the SEO of the website. You also uploaded Thesis as a set of files and folders, not as a single uncompressed ZIP. Also, the larger the rectangle imagethe larger Thesis header image map file size, which can slow your load times, eat your bandwidth, and generally annoy Mother Earth.

Minimize your graphics program, open your browser of choice, drag your saved image from your saved location — the desktop, for example — and once it renders, right click and choose properties, inspect, or other options that should provide the dimensions of your image.

When you follow this procedure, the core HTML tagging system of the Thesis remains intact and assures that your website is optimized for search engines. Three lines of code. How to make the banner image? You have installed or updated WordPress currently 2.Update: As of Thesisyou can use the new Header Image option in the Thesis menu.

In the admin area just go to Thesis > Header Image to upload your image. The way described below still works (and is what I do), but this new way will let you add a logo without editing code.

Jul 08,  · In this session we show how can you remove Thesis Header Image, Page Title, Thesis footer and Thesis Sidebars from a specific page using the BYOB Thesis Landing Pages plugin.

We also show how to remove Thesis Nav from a specific page using BYOB Thesis WP Menus plugin. Read More. Mar 28,  · Header image map Support Forum Catch Everest | Free WordPress Theme This topic contains 3 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by. The most frequently-asked question new users of the Thesis theme for WordPress ask is surely this: how do I add a custom image to the banner / header section of my blog?

We omitted the obscenities — mules have sensitive ears. 5/4/ The Thesis Statement and the Essay Map The Thesis Statement: What It Does • The thesis statement expresses the central idea of the essay; i.e., it unifies the content of the essay by stating the main idea of the paper.

Now I am going to explain how to add clickable header or logo image in Thesis ThemeIt is a very simple procedure.

Thesis header image map
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