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Black females were not protected under statutory rape laws as they were seen as products rather than people. Statutory Rape Laws Laws against rape and sexual assault are geared towards mainly protecting women from the men who are unable to control their sex drive and are incapable of making safe choices regarding sex.

The changes in age difference allowed these minors to face less penalties or less chance of prosecution. The legal age of consent varies from state to state. While the gender equal language was instituted by feminists so that there was equality between the genders, critics argues that the law was not as beneficial for homosexuals.

Boys are also less likely to report statutory rape even if they come to think that they have been abused.

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If the laws are needed, there also needs to be a discussion of the changes that can be made to make the laws more effective regarding gender, race and sexual orientation. The gendered nature of these early laws is also demonstrated in the defenses that would allow men to get away with committing statutory rape.

Faced with not only having to be homosexual in a society which judges them they will also have to face the fact that Statutory rape essay sexual act lead to legal problems.

As the victims of these early sexual experiences can have negative consequences for these Statutory rape essay, female perpetrators should be prosecuted just as much as male perpetrators.

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Supporters of statutory rape laws argue that the oversexualization of women in the media is one of the key problems, instilling younger girls with false confidence in their sexuality: The recent trend found of relationships between female teachers and male students has brought the issue to public light.

She uses primary and secondary sources, such as newspapers, pulications, journals, and private papers in an attempt to gain as much information as possile to ack up her thesis and key ideas. This demonstrates that the same amount of foresight that goes into creating laws has not gone into statutory rape laws.

In other words, under the statutory rape laws, it is considered illegal to have sex with an individual who is still under the age of consent even if said individual consents to the act. Teenage girls are seen as incapable of having the mental capacity to be able to consent to sexual intercourse.

They now have four children. Statutory rape law can be patronizing to girls as it denies their sexuality. As Higdon argues this persecution can have legal consequences which will stay with these boys for the rest of their lives.

As a result, they have initiated a move to work for a more vigorous enforcement of the statutory rape laws. Because of this development, it has become common for year-olds to lose their virginity because of their aggressiveness.

However, to young people, declaring that they cannot engage in sexual activity is as polarizing a topic as that of school uniforms.

Recognizing teenagers in such circumstances are especially difficult for adult males who are already under the influence of alcohol.

Perpetrators would also benefit from counseling rather than imprisonment or being labeled as a sex offender. The skeptics believed that statistics supported them. According to Cocco these changes were brought on by the conservative reform and presence in legislative decisions p.

While statutory rape laws are currently in place to protect minors the law did not originate for solely that purpose and the definition of statutory rape has evolved over the course of multiple years.

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These changes were called the Romeo and Juliet laws. Impact on teenage boys Statutory rape laws have not been kind to men either. The conversation regarding statutory rape laws needs to be revolve around if there is a purpose to having statutory rape laws.

In her analysis of the politics of statutory rape, Cocca also discussed how the original statutory rape laws were also divided along racial lines as well. In other words, he was also supposed to leave their family home because he had a sister who was only 12 years old.

This could be attributed to the societal reinforcement of gender roles in the idea that men enjoy sex and teenage boys are lucky rather than victimized to be sleeping with older women.

The author shows how young women of the time where changing, creating new responsibilities for themselves, and becoming more modern and open, at a time when their parents simply wanted to control them and their activities. In-depth studies should also be conducted in order to properly ascertain the real causes of teen pregnancy, look for the most appropriate solutions, and formulate and implement the programs that would address the problem instead of just blaming everything on statutory rape.

Along with the legal consequences these boys have to deal with the psychological ramifications.

The law on statutory rape and age of consent effectively declares that it is highly improbable for an adolescent female and an adult male to fall genuinely in love. The age of consent should therefore be established accordingly.

There were also those who believe that programs aimed at aggressively prosecuting statutory rape offenders were merely diversionary tactics if not poor substitutes for actual solutions to the problem. Boys are praised for being sexual while girls are punished.of statutory rape that lead a child into a terrible life of an inexperienced minor.

Age makes a big difference in any relationship that is involved with a minor. One example is "any minor that gives birth to a baby know very little and don't/5(3). Statutory rape refers to sexual relationships occurring between two individuals when at least one of the individuals cannot legally consent to sex.

While c READ MORE HERE. While many are outraged by the relationship between year-old Kylie Jenner and year-old rapper Tyga, is it actually illegal or just frowned upon?

Statutory Rape Laws The term "statutory rape" is used when the government considers people under a certain age to be unable to give consent to sex and therefore consider sexual contact with them to be a rape.

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Only at". Statutory rape laws are necessary to protect youths from becoming victims of unwanted sexual advances, but do current laws provide adequate and fair protection?5/5(2).

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