Should organ donation be made compulsory

Saving lives Today, more and more people require organ transplants in order to prolong their lives. About 28, donations from deceased donors are registered annually.

And then they know much more about organ donation, and they know much better if they want to be a donor or not. If the person wants to donate, then by all means let them!

Why Organ Donation Should be Made Compulsory

What would have happened if Canada a mandatory organ transplant, the Insurance Board would have presented me for Organ Harvest! In Belgium they have an Atomatic Donorship. If their wishes are to help someone else out in life by giving them a kidney or other organ, then this needs to be fulfilled.

So, given that organ donation saves lives and given that there is no rational objection to it, it should be made compulsory. You are no longer in a position to make decisions for yourself. The person dying next door has more of a right to life than you do to decide how to get rid of your body.

Compulsory organ donation may seem somewhat extreme but every year a thousand people die waiting for an organ transplant. Join us Or sign in with your favourite Social Network: People who are willing to donate an organ while they are still living are not that common.

There are no two ways to go about it. There are no comments for the selected user level. The organ donor may be alive or dead. Increase the pool of donors. Does mandatory donation remove the element of solidarity and generosity from the act of donation? Kidneys are the most commonly transplanted organs, followed by the liver and then the heart.

Compulsory donation would help reduce the problem of illegal organ traffic. It was in that I managed to get access to an MRI for my left shoulder after 8 years. There are obviously a number of issues to be considered and when organ donation is discussed these points of view generally tend to arise.

The biological tissue or an organ transplanted to a living recipient may come from a living or dead person. If the person wanted to give an organ, then it should be completely and totally up to them. In some countries people have their organs extirpated dead or alive by gangsters who seek profit selling them to people in need of a transplant.

This makes perfect sense to me. We can easily do away with this useless sentimentality by making organ donation mandatory. Well, this is entirely true but it can easily be rectified.

They are dead and inanimate. I decided to outline them and discuss them shortly hereunder. It is said that a dead man still lives while the effects of his life are still being felt. Because we have a Workplace Safety Insurance Board to which employers contribute on every pay cheque. Watch this video on how organ donation and transplantation works: Should organ donation be compulsory?

Your vote is anonymous. The Insurance Medical Consultant knew that some injuries would;d be denied in absence of my family physician.

And would it not be great if you can save a live by giving your organs, when you are already dead?!

Should organ donation be made compulsory?

Posted by Mambombaya on Submit Totally Since our organ will turn into waste when we die, might as well donate it to a charity or to someone else to save lives.

And of these there are 3. Aboutorgans are transplanted annually worldwide.Therefore, to save lives, organ donation should be made compulsory. After all once a person dies, his or her body is going to be buried or cremated, and the organs would be lost for nothing.

It is a pity that a life could have possibly been saved, and this was not. Should organ donation be compulsory? Thanks to technological progress, organ transplantation has become an increasingly common, effective and safe technique to treat certain health problems.

Organ transplantation is a life-saving procedure that has revolutionized modern medicine. Mandatory organ donation should be made compulsory because there is such a shortage of these organs, the need is only increasing, and it should be a moral duty to do it!

As many as 63 people receive an organ daily, while 17 people die waiting for one (Roth). In a country where numerous lives can be saved due to organ donation, the question that has arisen is should organ donation be made mandatory?

Yes, says the experts. Lack of strong policies to. So, given that organ donation saves lives and given that there is no rational objection to it, it should be made compulsory. It is said that a dead man still lives while the effects of. Organ Donation Must Be Made Compulsory.

Organ donation should not be made compulsory No It Shouldn't Be Organ donation should not be compulsory because people have such little control of what happens to them in their lives, they should be able to control what happens to their bodies after death.

Should organ donation be made compulsory
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