Reflective comparison on eastern religions essay

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A Water vapour to, A Dirty Water vapour? Homosexual practice is certainly not the only sin for the church to criticize.

The argument of silence comes entirely from you, not me; although in your case it is more an ignoring of multiple texts. If your hand, eye, or foot threatens your downfall, cut it off because it is better to go into heaven maimed than to go into hell full-bodied.

She is sweet and gentle and dearly loves people.

She too had many behavioral clues that she was also on the run. We should indeed be concerned about divorce in the church; Reflective comparison on eastern religions essay not even Jesus regarded divorce as great a violation as homosexual activity.

Paul never, as you put it, simply hoped that people would become Christians and sort out for themselves what ethical behavior God requires. But Paul says the exact opposite, as does the entire New Testament witness.

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I know a number of people recently who had chest pains, went to hospital and one said she had a slight heart attack the other had stents put in. We could criticize just about everyone on earth by this logic. There are many indications in Scripture and in the context of early Judaism that homosexual practice is the most severe consensual sexual offense among humans bestiality is worse but that involves a cross-species act: The incestuous man claimed to be a believer.

Contrary to what you say, the commentators do not state that knowledge, not sexual immorality, is a problem. Your mind can yet be renewed. He is concerned about its impact on the community but the impact he is concerned about is sending the message that sexual offense is no big deal i.

But hate has nothing to do per se with warning a person against engaging in behavior that can put them at risk of being excluded from an eternal union with God. By definition homosexual practice is more serious than divorce because it is a direct violation of a male-female prerequisite on which the divorce prohibition is based.

They are pulling the noose tighter around their own necks each day. Sprays are not stopping that from happening, at all. This is what those in our gov depths are being told geoengineering is!? Jesus was trying to dissuade remarriage after divorce but it is highly unlikely that he would have required all remarried-after-divorce listeners to dissolve their remarriages he undoubtedly would have called on all adulterers to cease adulterous relationships: In Matt 5 he precedes this utterance with the precise kind of warning that you deny exists: Wednesday, June 15, 2: It is persons such as you who turn people away from a genuine devotion to Jesus Christ by advocating a position on homosexual practice that God and Christ find abhorrent, if the pages of Scripture are to be believed.

When introducing the offender list in 6: I know that was BS what she told me and so did she because I was hired to pet sit for her so we were in contact for some time.

On the contrary, Paul was the one who imposed such standards on all his communities. First, you simply ignore the fact that Paul does indeed say that men having sex with males, adulterers, and other sexually immoral persons like the incestuous man and those having sex with prostitutes will not inherit the kingdom of God.

It is possible to hate not just the sin but the sinner and such is certainly to be avoided. Why do you think Paul devoted so much of his letters to moral exhortations, including specific exhortations and prohibitions?

It has to do, at least in part, with a return to the immoral lifestyles out of which they emerged, though Paul admits in the case of incest they are even outdoing the pagans in immorality. But it will require you to give up what you want to get all that God has in Christ.

December 15, at I have heard this excuse reason before but never right from the mouth of a real government person.In general, Eastern and Western Religions, with the exception of Buddhism, consider the soul to be a permanent entity, which is either reborn or sentenced to a permanent heaven or hell.

Christianity views the soul as the permanent entity within oneself, which is. Reflective Comparison on Eastern Religions the other of the doctrines contained in the Vedas, the Upanishads, or the classic systems of Hindu philosophy," (Gunasekara, ).

Though there are no official sacred texts within Buddhism, Buddha himself laid 5/5(1). - Comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism “Thank goodness for eastern religion, I’m going to yoga class now and I redid my room to improve like my Zen, it really works ” for many in the western world, this is the most that is understood about eastern religions, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism.

Robert Gagnon's Answers to Emails on the Bible and Homosexuality _____ Index. I get a lot of email correspondence. A comprehensive, critical analysis of poems by Seamus Heaney. Above, The Grauballe Man. Credits: Malene Thyssen Sandstone Keepsake (Station Island).

Reflective Comparison on Eastern Religions Religion is a very general term that has characteristics that are as wide as the mind can think. However, when looking at religions in a specific area usually one can see similarities in their ways.5/5(3).

Reflective comparison on eastern religions essay
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