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The melody is quite fragmented at the start, but becomes more continuous as the section develops. Listening to the piece without the score is what you need to do here.

Rag Desh. All Versions. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Simply broken down! :)

This will take practice and time, but it is necessary to answer the questions well. One drum is slightly larger than the other. The bandish has a regular structured pattern to it, alternating between a vocal verse and chorus, followed by an instrumental solo, using either the sarod or sarangi.

Rag Desh Version 2 This version, Mhara janam maran, is a bhajan song. The piece starts again with an alap. Structure There is a set pattern to the structure of an Indian classical piece: Revision As with all the pieces, there is a three-way process to learning everything you need to know about the piece: This needs you to have written up all the detail onto your score.

Know the basics C — title, composer, key, time signature, instrumentation etc.

Indian Raga

Instrumentation For pictures of all the instruments listed below, click here to find them all. Tihais are used to mark the end of sections.

The sarod is similar to the sitar, but has no frets and is smaller. This pattern is repeated three times. The bansuri is an Indian flute.

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The tambura is a drone instrument, with four strings. Rag Desh Version 3 This is the longest of the three, and the most complex. This is a significantly longer section than in the previous two versions.

The alap contains a freely metered section based loosely on the chorus of the song. Rag Desh Version 1 This is the simplest of the three, scored for sitar and tabla drums.


This leads into the second gat, in ektal time. This includes using tans several times. What you need to be able to do is apply the information above to the specific part of the piece that you are played in the exam. Again, tihais are used at the end of the piece.This page is a list of Film Songs Based upon rag Desh.

Rag Desh is a late evening rag associated with the monsoon season. In Indian music a system known as sargam is used for naming the notes: Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa. The tonic, or ground.

GCSE Music Analysis - Rag Desh Performed By Anoushka Shankar

May 09,  · All you need to know, in detail, about Anoushka Shankar's version of Rag Desh, for Edexcel's Music killarney10mile.coms: 9. Comment on how the following elements are used in this performance of Rag Desh: Structure; Melody; Rhythm; Dynamics; Instrumentation; The structure of 'Mhara janam maran' is split into two main sections these are the alap and bhajan.

Rag Desh Version 2. This version, Mhara janam maran, is a bhajan (song). It is written for voice, sarangi, sarod, pakhawaj, cymbals and tabla. The alap contains a freely metered section based loosely on the chorus of the song. Rag Desh! This is the rainy season/Monsoon raga, played at night. " Primary moods (rasa) are devotion, longing & romance.

Rag Desh by Anoushka Shankar " It is made up of an ALAP and two different GATS " You can hear the different techniques Shankar uses in the alap:! Strums! Plucks! Bends notes.

Rag desh essay
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