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If we catch you talking to a stray dog, she dies. A kidnapper would want to exhibit power over the Ramseys. Use that patsy ramsey handwriting analysis southern common sense of yours. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter He can see me because I am part of the world.

If I say that God is watching over me, I visualize God keeping his distance. It is still considered the oddest ransom demand ever. Other statements in the ransom note patsy ramsey handwriting analysis as "I advise you to be rested" also show a feminine touch.

The writer goes on to say in lines 3 and 4, "We respect your bussiness but not the country that it serves. The same type of thinking applied in the Wiles case. Similarly, the lower case letters also compare favorably as to size. For example, defendants asserts Mrs. Content Analysis Below are my thoughts regarding the language of the note.

Handwriting is a lot like body language. Ramsey found the note on the stairway, which led to the discovery that JonBenet was missing from her bed.

When the Weinbergers did not pay off the reward the following day, the kidnapper sent a second letter. In the QD, the opposite occurs as the second cup is squeezed and is thus narrower than the first.

The squeezing of either cups of both the upper case "W" or the lower case "w" occurs throughout the exemplars and the QD. He has given expert witness testimony in this area over times, for many courts, state committee hearings, and federal grand juries.

The key to solving this case is to find the author of the unusual ransom note left at the scene. This leaves two possibilities: Over the next few months, the kidnapper left an astonishing 13 handwritten notes! This wordiness shows us that someone was trying to make this look like a kidnapping.

If anyone has trouble posting a comment, email it to doktorgosh at live. However, this is a very big deal. When talking to Scorpio on the phone, several times Scorpio tells Inspector Callahan that if he does not follow his orders, "the girl dies" as opposed to saying, "the girl will die.

Later in the affidavitHarmer further states "He determined that there is evidence which indicates the ransom note may have been written by Patricia Ramsey but "the evidence falls short of that necessary to support a definite conclusion.

When the writer of the ransom note said they were "watching over" JonBenet, the writer was telling us they were not keeping a close eye on her. While handwriting analysis shows that John Ramsey did not write the ransom note, Patsy Ramsey could not be completely eliminated as the writer.

They vary from stationary to snapshots to notes in a scrapbook to cardboard posters.

48 Hours preview: The fascinating history of the ransom note

Likewise, the pen that was used to write the note also came from their residence. As far as I can tell, that exists only in the imagination of Hollywood screenwriters. It also reveals how well he controls his responses after filtering them through this rational mind.

Ramsey case on November 27, ; according to Internet poster Jamesonparts of this deposition are under seal.

However, we can still analyze slant, the use of space between letters, between words, between lines and on the pagespeed, rhythm, zones, loops, connecting strokes, and other defining traits such as unique individual letter formations.

If the note is legitimate, then we know we have a kidnapping that went bad. Ramsey and the author of the Ransom Note, but there were many significant differences between the handwritings. Many experts including myself believe this was a murder that was made to look like a kidnapping.

Posted by DocG at. You can try to deceive us but be warned that we are familiar Alex Hunter videotaped a deposition in the Wolf v. The police as well as the Ramseys believe that whoever wrote the note is probably the killer.

It may have been used because the writer wanted the authorities to believe JonBenet was kidnapped by a "foreign faction.Handwriting analysis has yet to identify the writer of the ransom letter, though some experts claim to have done so.

Both John and Patsy Ramsey submitted handwriting samples to the police shortly. While handwriting analysis shows that John Ramsey did not write the ransom note, Patsy Ramsey could not be completely eliminated as the writer.

4. Certain words in the ransom note such as "instruction" "monitor" "execution". JonBenet Ramsey ransom note was written by her MOTHER Patsy claims handwriting expert as grand juror who voted to indict the parents reveals who he thinks killed the.

Sep 06,  · Handwriting Comparisons of John & Patsy Ramsey with Ransom Note Author In one set (of three), I have compared John's handwriting to that of the Ransom Note author (which, of course, is printed). The most damaging information against any one suspect was the handwriting analysis that concluded JonBenet’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, may have written the ransom note found in the family’s.

In this analysis, the writer did not successfully identify her own traits for elimination and the unconscious, strongly formed habits of the handwriting of Patsy Ramsey remain evident.

Patsy Ramsey as RN Author

A disguised writing typically contains evidence of the conflicting and persistent habits of the natural handwriting and the effort to suppress those habits while.

Patsy ramsey handwriting analysis
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