Marketing analysis of nokia mobile

So in advertising it is possible to say that Nokia is culturally inclined company Place an order click here… Publicity A trip down the rural areas around of Shanghai, Beijing, and Ningbo will bring one to an encounter with the many things which Nokia is doing to help the communities in the area of education and health and sports development.

What is a Brand? The Nokia brand is all about building friendship and trust, removing the gap between customer and her Nokia. These social factors should always be the things to be considered.

Technological Factors Technology is one of the very significant factors in cell phones industry. The function of marketing proceeds along the lines of the strategic maneuvering of the elements of the marketing mix: In short, a brand is not a brand until it connects to its customers emotionally Dahlen et al, These are all part of the efforts which Nokia is putting in place to engage in direct marketing.

The phones provided by Nokia have a much higher re-sale value compared to other mobile phone brands. Recently while a number of competitor are making sue of sex appeal advertisement in China, Nokia understand that such an approach to marketing has the propensity of desecrating the cherished values of the Chinese culture in its entirety as against the very few people who have abandoned the values of the culture and are aspiring for western life styles that are very liberal.

Nokia needs to have correct copy rights of its designs so that it can legally protect its products form copying. The regulations related to the production, import, export and the policies required to fulfill the requirements to set up an industrialized plant by overseas companies, effect Nokia strategies to expand business in different countries.

Marketing Plan of Nokia

The company earns good profit after deducting all expenses incurred on this handset and in this way, they get return on the investment on the mobile phones of the company.

The role f the community is thus important to Nokia to the extent that when it is ignored it also means they have ignored a large deposit of the market opportunities that are available to the company.

It is the position of Nokia that such attitudes may have the tendency to compromise on the cherished cultural values of the Chinese people for which the company is determined to main. Nokia has many characteristics it attributes to its products but customers do not remember these characteristics.

And for a company to perform these processes in pursuit of its business, it must be a marketing-oriented organization which recognizes its customers as its number one stakeholders Parsons and Maclaran, Advertisement Just like most areas where the company is operating Nokia believes that advertising can play an important and a leading role in communicating the value of the Nokia brand to the whole public.

Target marketing Nokia has launched its handsets mostly in the Middle East, Asia, and in some parts of Africa.

And no one is giving up, in good times, in bad times, as was shown in the last recession. The people want to know about its new technology and number of products, which are going to be released in the market.

Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. The Finnish mobile company has made comparatively lower profits due to drop in sales that result from tough competition. If this writer were a shareholder, Nokia would be given an overwhelming vote of support and trust for what it is has done and is presently doing.

The interest rates, exchange rates, demand, taxes and buying power of the targeted population is very necessary.

Nokia ultimately entered into an agreement with Microsoft in to completely use its Windows Phone platform on future smart phones. Butterworth Heinemann Marketing analysis of nokia mobile, G.

Therefore it helped to develop GSM and LTE standards and remained one of the top vendors in the world in this category. Whether one is just scouting for information or seeking a feature or looking for a product version, it is all there.

The results of operations of Nokia in China validate the marketing orientation of Nokia as an organization: A look at the following summary of performance Nokia website for the last four years would help evaluate in a way whether the marketing and marketing communications strategies that were implemented were generating the desired results.

The lesson shared is also a lesson in understanding culture, in keeping close as much as possible to the customer. This means that the features of mobile phones become eventually the same irrespective of maker, including their seeming technological complexity Temporal, Marketing communications in effect starts the implementation of the marketing plan.

The company has to make its distribution system effective and fast so that it can provide its handsets in the market to meet the demands of the clients.

It is to be noted that coming from a robust year where all figures showed very palatable levels of NS, OP and EPS, the effects of the recession were felt at their worst in that saw the earning per share drop to 0. Took a long time to enter the highly productive and booming smartphone market.

Additionally, Nokia tapped into a traditional element in the Chinese culture by engaging Chinese engineers and designers in Nokia research and development initiatives Bloomberg, Nokia played a very significant job to boost the mobile telephony sector through its technological expertise in other fields.

Accessed March 20, In recent time the opportunity which has come in the advertisement platform is in the area of online advertisements and marketing. As a result the company lost a lot of its once huge market share.

Nokia can put best efforts to operate globally in countries with high trend towards the cellular products.Executive summary Nowadays, mobile phone market has a fierce competition with each mobile handset vendor.

Research by Zach indicates that Nokia occupies % share of the market. Research by Zach indicates that Nokia occupies % share of the market%(1).

In being able to write my dissertation report “Market analysis of nokia Mobile in rohtak city.

An Analysis of Nokia’s Communications Strategies

Practical study comes all that which remain uncovered in the classroom & Offers a. The SWOT analysis of Nokia discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats of the mobile handset manufacturer - Nokia.

Till date Nokia is remembered with fondness because it was the first mobile phone for. Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturing company, which has created its popularity among its clients due to its unique designs and durability. The company started its business and becomes world number mobile phone company, which has created innovation in its handsets fulfill the needs of the market.

Market Analysis of Nokia Corporation. We know need to consider why it is important to creative new products of mobile market.

Pestle Analysis of Nokia

Focus on Nokia¶s strength. In July environmental policies and technologies development. In and Plazes. Multimedia. killarney10mile.comuction In present years.

Elsewhere. According to the marketing mix analysis for Nokia, the company mainly focuses onproduct component of the marketing mix. Nokia offers great variety of product at adifferent price levels.

SWOT Analysis of Nokia

Given the variability in products and series, at this point it ishard to understand the strategic choices of the company.

Marketing analysis of nokia mobile
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