Impact of liberalisation privatisation and globalisation on public administration

In various ways the international bodies influence the public administration of national governments. The public administration of a transitional state has many things to learn from the administrative systems of other nations and the globalisation makes it a reality.

Opening up of the Indian economy to counter the foreign debt burden which was a significant threat for the country.

Study Notes on Globalization and Public Administration

However, majority of people in the world still get their indications not from the global financial markets but from the national capital, and hence private access to the twenty four hour connected world still remains limited to only a minority of the global population Farazmand, Narasimha Rao and played a key role in implementing these reform policies.

Governing Globalization, Deepak Nayyar. But the fact is that the growing influence of this type of economy is against the interest of general public of transitional states. However the fact that NPM calls for not only adopting the techniques of business administration but also the values of business is disturbing for the developing countries as in developing mere efficiency is not the goal of government.

Hence there is a difference between public administration without globalisation or outside globalisation and public administration within the scope and influence of globalisation. It is also a neo-liberal approach to the burning issues of the world.

Formerly the Rational Choice Theory was applied in economics. Developments in part of world affect the mindset of people residing in other part.

Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization (LPG Model) in India

Once a new government of their choice or preference comes to power the administrative system also tends to change to suit the requirements of MNCs and NGOs. Those factors are openly linked to the reason public administration systems in developing countries have benefited far less from globalization than developed countries Mathews, India had practiced some restrictions ever since the introduction of the first industrial policy resolution in In the age of globalisation the contact among various nations increased.

This is absolutely undesirable. The terrorists and criminals have no nation and geographical area. Recently the Rational Choice Theory and Public Theory-both have got special importance-both in political science and public administration.

Let us briefly state one of these changes. In developing countries the role of bureaucracies has been emphasized in social sectors like health, education, rural development etc.

Particularly in the areas of foreign aid and foreign investment the MNCs hold the right to take final decision or utter last word.Liberalisation means relaxation of government controls in the spheres of economic and social policy.

It has come to be equated with commitment to market orientation of the economy, deregulation, privatization, state withdrawal from many activities of the economy, integration with the global economy and reducing the public expenditure.

examine the impact of globalisation and liberalisation on Indian administration and provide a framework for administration to circumvent the overbearing effect of globalisation in their efforts towards industrialisation, economic growth and development.

Indian economy had experienced major policy changes in early s. The new economic reform, popularly known as, Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG model) aimed at making the Indian economy as fastest.

Impact Of Liberalisation On Public Administration In India. IAS Mains IN THE AGE OF GLOBALIZATION IN INDIA The aim of this paper is to acquaint the reader about the influence of globalisation on the Public Administration of India. Liberalisation, Privatisation and Industrialisation in India.

Impact Of Globalization On Public Administration

Privatisation and Globalisation Privatisation refers to the participation of private entities in businesses and services and transfer of ownership from the public sector (or government) to the private sector as well.5/5().

79 Chapter-III IMPACT OF PRIVATISATION, LIBERALISATION AND GLOBALISATION ON PUBLIC SECTOR IN INDIA Privatization is a fuzzy concept. It covers a wide range of ideas, programmes and policies.

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Impact of liberalisation privatisation and globalisation on public administration
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