Hunting should be allowed essay

Ill or deformed animals often give the hunter a sense of empathy when hunting. Establishment of game reserves where hunting is allowed gives value to the wildlife thereby providing compensation from hunting licenses, jobs as trackers, skinners, and chefsand whatever meat is taken during the hunt is distributed evenly among the villages.

But basically each creature is equal in that it has been given only one life.

Hunting Should Be Allowed

Also, the more value that animals have, the more likely that ranchers will want them on their land so that they may reap the rewards. Two countries have taken very different approaches with hunting: Since we are part of this planet, we are part of the ecosystem we live in.

The Mountain Lion is just fulfilling its duty as predator by keeping the population of deer away from the ecosystems carrying capacity The population at which an ecosystem can support no more. In other arguments people say it is unethical to hunt, and hunters just like to kill animals and take lives.

Killing without reason should not happen, but if we follow certain guidelines and ethics, we can fulfill our duty as predator and keep the ecosystems running smoothly.

This can have extremely adverse effects as we have seen with Kenya. Sport hunting should not be banned when examining information from this angle as it affects us all in general. Whitman, Karyl, et al.

My essay - Trophy Hunting and Conservation in Africa

Sportsmen never help species with no huntable species. They never helped the lion to go back to Least Concern LC Recent studies demonstrate that trophy hunting of lions is now the single largest contributor to the decline of the lion population on the African continent.

Hunting also provides excitement and a close connection with nature. Without the hunter, many breeds of animals would become overpopulated and die off from lack of food due to excess in their numbers and lower percentage of food per herd.

A lot of the reasons people give that trophy hunting should be outlawed are mostly philosophical. Trophy hunters used to hunt them.

Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary

While many states have limited or banned canned hunts, there are no federal laws regulating the practice at this time. There are many environmental benefits to society and to wildlife. There are many ways to age a lion with the most well-known tactics being looking at the mane, the condition of the body, and the nose the blacker, the older the cat.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. On the other hand, Namibia which had put into action a system that had local farmers participate in conservation and allowed safari outfitters to set up hunting lodges that the locals can collect benefits from such as those previously mentioned.

The first and probably the most critical is that wild animals and wild places are in dire straits today. For example, if a drought caused many a deer to die, the wildlife agency would be able to change its regulations by reducing the number of permits and protecting the deer population.

Hunters also buy equipment. This helps private businesses and retailers. He has the opportunity to observe his surrounding and become familiar with his hunting ground.

Like Kenya, India was a crown jewel in the sporting community. Trophy hunting in Africa has been one of the most effective forms of wildlife tourism, in giving value to animals that would otherwise be either pests or threats to the locals.

There are the benefits of education, by studying the animals the hunter will learn how they relate amongst themselves, their patterns for breeding, migration, and their tendencies of behavior. More Essay Examples on Hunting Rubric Poems like these motivate people to be anti-hunting but if we look closely at the benefits of hunting it overrides such negativity and we can plainly see the benefits.

Should Hunting Be Allowed? Essay Sample

Another practice that is thankfully waning is the killing of lions that are running prides. Nature decrees the survival of the fittest, those that are weak and old will be the first attacked, even by their own kind.

Some of the steps put in place is the requirement to pass a hunter education course before hunting, this protects people. This knowledge comes through conservation of the land being managed for hunting. Is the Mountain Lion evil because it is trying to survive? This kind of gross generalization drives me up a wall.

Support from non-hunters decreases when hunters act unsafe or unethically in the field. Individuals who are against hunting do not spend any money on this.Hunting Should Be Allowed Words | 6 Pages.

Shelby Morgan Professor Colon ENC July 17, Hunting Should Be Allowed Hunting is beneficial to our society and therefore should be allowed. Historically human beings have been pursuing wild animals to.

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Hunting has been around since the. Should animal hunting be banned? Add a New Topic; Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic; Should animal hunting be banned?

53% Say Yes For example recently in London [in London fox hunting is not allowed] a young girl was attacked by a fox for hunger reasons. Abstract The essay is an argument about whether hunting should be outlawed or not.

It starts off with a few answers and questions about commonly asked questions about hunting. Arguments against hunting like extinction of the animals and introduction of violence to children have been discussed.

To combat hunting in your area, post “no hunting” signs on your land, join or form an anti-hunting organization, protest organized hunts, and spread deer repellent or human hair (from barber shops) near hunting areas.

Call to report poachers in national parks to the National Parks and Conservation Association. Hunting SHOULD Be Legal. First killing an animal, for example a deer, is not like killing a human.

Humans have way more emotions than wild animals and we are smarter than the average bear.

Hunting should be allowed essay
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