Hr project on motivation

The key here is to find middle ground between a completely informal or an autocratic management style. Thus, a need is personal or internal to a person, while incentives are external. Morale, has a positive relation with individual behavior, also, since morale is an indicator of need satisfaction.

Employees are more enthusiastically motivated by what they are currently seeking than by receiving more of what they already have. It results in job satisfaction and higher morale. On the other hand, the absence of these factors actually demotivates the employee.

It explains way a person elects to channel his energies in one direction rather than in another. Frederick Herzberg brought out his theory after conducting interviews with two hundred engineers and accountants from eleven industries in the Pittsburgh areas.

All the members try to concentrate their efforts to achieve the objectives of the organisation and carry out the plans in accordance with the policies and programmes laid down by the organisation if the management introduces motivational plans.

Start with a simple, anonymous questionnaire relating to personal goals and opinions about your business, employee satisfaction and management performance. It is difficult to explain and predict the behavior of an individual.

This process is shown in Figure 8. Morale, as a group concept, can be applicable under three general conditions: Make it clear that your staff can approach you at any time to address issues.

In an effort to reduce or satisfy their needs, people will act in certain ways. Because, all other resources are handled by human resources.

There is, however, some evidence that unless the two lower needs physiological and security are basically satisfied, employees will not be greatly concerned with higher-order needs. Project Report on the Process of Motivation: From a practical perspective, it is not easy to provide opportunities for self- actualisation to all employees.

Those giving rise to dissatisfaction were called hygiene factors. Hence, for taking proper work from the persons to create interest in them for the work and to maintain I hat interest and develop and instigate them to development is in reality motivation.

Similarly, fringe benefits such as life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance etc. Security is the intention to survive through the job as an adequate income source.

Motivation of employees is indeed important for the health of the companies.

Project Report on ‘Motivation of Employees’

Further, the absence of motivation leads to underperformance and loss of competitiveness resulting in loss of productive resources for the organization. It is then evident that people with low morale can be characterised by apathy, bickering, jealously, disjointed effort and pessimism. In a factory when blue-green lighting was introduced to reduce eye strain, the output of men workers increased but that of women workers decreased.

Maslow described two types of esteem needs—the desire for achievement and competence and the desire for status and recognition. All these inner striving conditions described as wishes, desires, drives etc.

As a philosophical framework, it has been difficult to study and has not been fully verified. Thus, the basic human needs placed by Maslow in an ascending order of importance and shown in figure 8.

Motivation can be understood as the desire or drive that an individual has to get the work done. Emphasize that you are not the enemy but simply want to avoid repeat mistakes to help employees thrive.

Human Resource Development and Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation induce the subordinates to give their best in achieving their goals and thereby organisational goals. This is the reason companies spend humungous amounts of money in arranging for training sessions and recreational events to motivate the employees.

Process of Motivation 3. The non-monetary negative motivation may include reprimands, cut in facilities and greater control on the activities etc. Jacius ; Motivation is the act of stimulating some one or oneself to get a desired course of action or to push the right button to get a desired reaction.Project Report on the Theories of Motivation: Motivation is defined as the force that energizes, directs and sustain human behaviour.

Theories of motivation basically belong to two categories, i.i., content theories and process theories. People consider it to be a personal trait – that ia some have it some don’t.

In practice inexperienced managers often label people who lack motivation as lazy. But it isn’t true. What we know is that motivation is the result of the interaction of the individual and the situation.

Individuals 5/5(7). HR Performance Issues and Motivation BUS Organizational Behavior December 3, HR Performance Issues and Motivation Motivation is a driving force that starts, maintains, and stops behaviors.

A sense of achievement, recognition, enjoyment of the job, promotion opportunities, responsibility, and the chance for personal growth are. It is for this reason that the HR managers stress on the employees having high levels of motivation to get the job done.

There are many theories of motivation and the ones being discussed here are the Herzberg’s hygiene theory, Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, and McGregor Theory X and Theory Y. The first step in HR development -- be it training, improvement or motivation -- is needs assessment.

Importance of Motivation in Human Resource Development (HRD)

Increasing motivation requires you to pinpoint the exact areas of. 1- To develop a policy for employee motivation in an organization. 2- To develop procedures for implementing motivation techniques, and 3- To evaluate employee outcomes through motivation techniques.

Suggested Project Format: The project report shall comprise on words or 7 pages. The lay out of.

Hr project on motivation
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