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The order in which details are revealed, the details that are emphasized, the details that are omitted, the perspective from which events or characters are viewed? Very afraid, he repeated Going after cacciato essays and got the job.

Soldiers in Vietnam are given nicknames, some earned or some at the insistence of each man.

The country itself is in tropical southeast Asia and is divided into two parts: Berlin concentrates as he is on guard duty.

The seductiveness of Cacciato leads them on. As usual, someone makes a joke about the land resembling lake country and this is one of the ways the men cope with the horror.

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The Hole in the Ground On their way to Paris, while chasing Cacciato, the squad falls into a huge hole in the road that connects them to a maze of tunnels. Paul Going after cacciato essays loves and respects his leader, so Jolly Chand is his imaginary present to the man.

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Paul then realizes society urges him to do as he is told, and not to think for himself, as society will do that for him. The men become anxious and nervous and they continue burning tunnels, blowing bridges and shooting animals.

They were supposed to fight and defeat the Viet Cong to serve the American nation, but in this war, just like in any other, confusion and death were the real victors; the war served no American purpose at all.

Berlin believes he has courage and it is just waiting for the spark to ignite it. He acknowledges that he is very afraid of the war but he fears the loss of self respect, the possibility of exile and shame even more.

He says there is a hole in the road, and soon the squad, the women, the cart and even the water buffalo fall into a giant hole in the road. He thinks of how he almost won the Silver Star but he did not have the willpower to defeat fear.

Cacciato, dressed like a monk, is with a group of monks in their most sacred prayer time. Oscar Johnson says to blow the tunnels first, then search them; Lt. He speaks perfect English and is polite to the extreme with his prisoners.

Their treatment as detainees again contrasts with the cruel and inhuman way the squad is forced to behave with its own prisoners. Berlin explains that they must first catch Cacciato. Ready Mix Ready Mix is a sergeant of the squad who is only with them twelve days before getting killed.

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The lieutenant tells the Captain about the mission to catch Cacciato the deserter. Corson makes the decision to go, so they do. This is symbolic of a world turned upside down where reality is so brutal none of the men can stay in its realm for long. Stories that began and ended without transition.

It is dark when Berlin returns to the camp and gives the grenade back to Oscar Johnson. He is ashamed, but it is his duty. Corson is a man who has adjusted to these realities and knows how to command the respect of his men without killing them in the process.

Vietnam Chapter Ten, A Hole in the Road to Paris, Chapter Eleven, Fire in the Hole, Chapter Twelve, The Observatio 15 must have seemed like a horrible nightmare to the Going after cacciato essays soldiers and this episode represents one scenario of them meeting the enemy, not killing them, and talking like civilized men.

As you compare and contrast the choices you have selected from the three works, analyze what these choices tell us about the perspective of the people making them what are their values, prejudices, expertise, point of ignorance, etc. He sees himself as brave, a good tracker, an excellent shot but in reality he yelps in fear all the time, shoots at anything that moves and his contributions to any conversations are nonsensical.

The squad goes from Turkey to Athens and just before they land in Athens, Stink jumps off the boat, thinking they will be captured at Customs.

He creates a girlfriend for his beloved lieutenant and empowers a young mentally deficient soldier, Cacciato, with the abilities to see the future, engineer an escape from an Iranian jail, and imitate a monk.

Finally, the crew throws him out. Paul Berlin finds Cacciato and the squad goes to capture him. Why stay and fight when you can escape and go back home? As he does not know an anwer, the possibility, or rather the necessity of dreaming something else in the face of horror, is brought to Vietnam.Going After Cacciato is the story of one soldier, Paul Berlin, who faces his own inability to cope with the experience of war, and through an intricate imaginary trip, emerges from his isolation to accept and deal with reality.

Going after Cacciato means “going after a dream”, following that dream, but it can also mean “going after to actually get that dream”. Time and time again there is this ambiguity of going on the hunt after Cacciato, or following the Italian on desertion; there is the choice between reality and dream for Paul.

Essay Instructions: This should be a well documented essay that discusses what Paul Berlin learned about courage and being courageous in the Tim O' Brien novel titled "Going After Cacciato".

At least one direct quote from the novel must be included.

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Going After Cacciato, an epic novel written by Tim O’Brien, is about a platoon of men going away without leave (AWOL) searching for a young man named Cacciato in the imagination of a man of the platoon named Paul Berlin/5(1). Romanticism in Tim O'Brien's Going After Cacciato - Romanticism in Tim O'Brien's Going After Cacciato Critics of Tim O'Brien's Going After Cacciato have examined its narrative technique (see Raymond) and its position in.

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