British army values and standards

They epitomise the very best qualities of our soldiers. Although Values and Standards can be imposed and regulated through discipline, it is self-discipline that will encourage all ranks to adhere to the Values and Standards, recognising the inherent value of such qualities and conduct.

To that end, the articulation of these Values and Standards needs to be accompanied by a continuous and appropriate example; by all commanders, junior and British army values and standards alike.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a particularly serious offence that endangers others and displays a lack of judgement and self-discipline: All soldiers must act within the law and the nature of modern, complex, land based operations makes it essential that they maintain the highest standards of decency and fairness at all times, even under the most difficult of conditions.

Given equally advanced military techniques a force in which the qualities I have mentioned are more highly developed will usually defeat a stronger force in which they are less. Lawful Obey the law, all the time, wherever you are serving All soldiers are subject to the law wherever they are serving.

On operations this includes international law, the laws of armed conflict and, in some cases, local civil law. Discipline helps you control fear. Within the hierarchy of fighting power it lays emphasis on the moral component: The Operational Imperative 4.

They are a moral requirement and have functional utility.

Values and Standards of the British Army (2008)

The reputation of the British Army is extremely high. They must also set an example through their own moderation. You have to trust your teammates and they have to be able to trust you.

Soldiers are required to close with the enemy, possibly in the midst of innocent bystanders, and fight; and to continue operating in the face of mortal danger. It depends on high personal standards that will earn you the trust and respect of your teammates.

Therefore, integrity has a unique significance to soldiering, it is essential to trust: Officers and soldiers must avoid behaviour that risks degrading their professional ability or which may undermine morale by damaging the trust and respect that exists between individuals who depend on each other.

Help will be offered to those willing to reform, but those who do not respond to rehabilitation will be considered for discharge. The Values are about character and spirit: These qualities are required both on and off duty as they are enduring characteristics that cannot be turned on and off at will.

It is important to acknowledge in the tightly knit military community the need for mutual respect and the requirement to avoid conduct that offends others. Personnel under the influence of alcohol cannot be relied upon to perform their duties competently; putting their own lives and those of others at risk.

Commanders have to understand the context and set out the Standards in sufficient detail required by the situation; clear communication on what is expected and why is essential. They reflect, and are consistent with, the moral virtues and ethical principles that underpin any decent society.

The effects of excessive drinking are severe:Grounding British Army Values Upon an Ethical Good 1. Introduction The British Army remains one of the finest professional armies in the world.

It has major conceptual flaw in the way the Army’s Values and Standards are currently presented. The British Army has 6 core values and 3 standards by which it measures it Officers and Soldiers. The British Army’s cores values are: Selfless Commitment: Soldiers are expected to put the needs of the mission, and their team, before their own.

This is what makes the Army. by all commanders.7/30/ Values and Standards of the British Army () | Ethics Codes Collection the high standards of professionalism.

both on and off operations.


What is important about such qualities as these. Values and Standards of the British Army Foreword by the Chief of The General Staff The British Army has a worldwide reputation for excellence, a strong reflection of its soldiers and officers.

Values and Standards

Dec 19,  · One of the British Army's values and standards is integrity, which it defines as Integrity involves honesty, sincerity, reliability and unselfishness. It is an essential requirement of both leadership and comradeship. The British Army has six principal values and standards, to which all officers and soldiers are expected to adhere.

In this second article, I will be.

British army values and standards
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