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It is inevitable, in our opinion, that the narrative aspect of the opening contains enigma codes that will eventually leave audiences left with unanswered questions.

A Level Film Studies

It is an insight into the film Batman Begins, showing its central figure as a study in psychological damage. Darkness surrounded by pitch blackness.

This also builds tension and dramatic impact for when the realization does come. Guilt is another theme in this film and is important in defining the role of morality and we see the protagonists desire for justice which is another theme found in the other two films I am looking at.

To improve I shall make use of low key lighting and use it to create shadows which are a regular convention in both thriller and horror genres. Michael Haneke is an Austrian filmmaker, and has made many films in the languages of English, German and French.

AS Film Coursework

The relationship between Michel and Patricia in Breathless was particularly inspiring, as it had a dark meaning behind it, and that was the kind of image I was considering when creating the character of Max, as I wanted him to be a mysterious, shady type of person.

I believe as a downside, I should of used this lighting technique often for all the shots collectively. This is also important as I did write this as if it would be As film coursework very long film, and it is important that the viewer would As film coursework the relationship and the chemistry between Max and Renee As film coursework from the very beginning.

Young as a whole are a type of audience who has a lack of responsibility such as paying the bills As film coursework keeping up with the rent; subsequently, they are more likely to be spending their money on luxurious items and events such as the cinema.

The most important feature for a film to have is variety for the target audience to indulge themselves in satisfaction, to attract them; I have included an influx of different shot types to have variety.

I believe the film will venture into a prominent position if it is released as a general Internet release on popular sharing-based websites such as YouTube and Facebook. I thought this was really important to ensure a connection is made between the pair right from the beginning of my film.

Other themes are also shown in this film such as revenge, power, psychology and moral ambiguity. Screen shot from Se7en. The Dark Knight- I rejected this film as I felt that the issues and themes in this film were very similar to that of Batman Begins.

This also establishes to an audience exactly where Catherine is. Overall I feel I succeeded in creating a detailed yet fluid screenplay. I created models of mermaids, a unicorn, a Minotaur and a Cyclops because these creatures are taken from myths and legends and are regular features of fantasy films.

In scene three I focussed upon the mise en-scene. I think one factor I feel could have been developed on is the fluidity of my screenplay. I have also learnt that we could bring redemption to shots made in the preliminary, as the the main task has the same plot.

I like how the white pure memories clash with the dark entrance to his house which is the setting for death and the beginnings of insanity.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My sequence has a linear storyline with the events happening in chronological order with a small set of flashbacks which are shown in black and white; this may lead some audience members to become disinterested as they may find the storyline to predictable.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Tuesday, 3 May In our opening shot we see a medium long shot of a mother and daughter standing together, posing for a holiday photograph, taken by an unknown third party.

The male character is also flawed with his emotional life as well as his fears. My mise-en-scene is used in the correct places to not only help describe the places in which the film would be set, but also helps create a persona for Renee, and really helps to symbolise what her character represents.

Use it as a guide to the way your own catalogue should be submitted. My target audience is teenagers ranging from 12 years onwards. As Batman is seen as an ordinary human being he is a relatable human being and Christopher explains that Batman is a relatable character with his desire for revenge.

This gives a good contrast between emotions and I think this small scene works well showing the conventions whilst intertwining it with action and performance. Another article in this magazine states that in insomnia Christopher Nolan required was a sympathetic protagonist, someone with charisma, a degree of warmth, who would draw you into the series of events with him Item A shocking story in a thriller film is an effective aspect in gripping audiences to a lot of social issues and true stories, the actors try to capture the unfortunate roles that ordinary people endure through.

In scene three I focussed upon the mise en-scene. The main purpose of this scene was to represent the historical and social context of the film as well as showing the film noir genre conventions. When analysing any film poster you need to consider the following points: Begin by identifying the film and date of its release.

• Types o 'Chronicle' (). I intended for my film to be aimed at older audiences as it is a slow paced film with only one action scene at the climax of the film. I mainly based my film around 'Don't Look Now' and 'The Shining'. AS Film Studies Unit FM1 Exploring Film Form: THE MICRO-ESSAY Writing your micro essay 22, views.

Share; Like; Download Belinda Raji narrative turning point • You need to be able to analyse a sequence of film using micro features • Key to this coursework is that you show knowledge of not only the formal systems at work within.

The following are examples of recent student micro-analyses, submitted as part of the coursework for the AS year.

The Specification requires that you undertake a word analysis of a sequence of your own choosing (of between 4 and seven minutes long approximately) and analyse that sequence in terms of 2 of the following:film soundfilm.

As film coursework
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